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Why Claim A Pledge?

  • Gain a product or services of high value for a small taster cost
  • Try your chosen service or product without any commitment
  • No obligation to make any further purchases
  • Make connections and build relationships
  • Support worthwhile charities and causes


How to Claim a Pledge? 

1. Search for or browse the pledges from the list below.

2. Select a pledge, fill in the claim form and pay your charitable donation. 

3. Once we have received your donation payment we will send you instructions to put you in touch with your pledge giver.



Posted 2 years ago by Kate Parfrement

Unlock your potential with my Entrepreneurs Reading. Oracle cards aren’t an obvious choice as a way of building better business strategies, however, it works in all other aspects of life, the cards can help bring creative solutions to the surface. Whether you have an established business or are a budding…

 Business Services /  List A Pledge / 497 views


Posted 2 years ago by Tina Read

Relax in the comfort of you own home while you enjoy a distance Reiki treatment. Reiki is a non invasive complementary therapy said to use the natural flow of energy for health and well-being. Benefits may include deep relaxation and improved sleep. All communication prior to and after a treatment…

 Other /  List A Pledge / 523 views


Posted 2 years ago by Davina Bamber

One hour of business support. To be used as either- strategy advice social media advice website appraisal appointment setting telesales data inputting other services may be available depending on your requirements!

 Business Services /  List A Pledge / 511 views



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Once you hit send you will be redirected to Paypal to make your donation of the pledge claim amount listed next to your chosen pledge plus at least £3 admin charge (so SociaBubble can continue our valuable work to connect businesses for charity).

Once we have received your donation we will divide it between all of your benefitiary causes, and put you in touch with your pledge giver for instructions on how to use your claimed pledge.